Independent Medical Examination (IME)

What is an IME?

An IME is an Independent Medical Examination that can requested by an attorney, insurance carrier, or employer. IME's are often needed to help determine the cause, extent, and medical treatment of an injury at work, a motor vehicle accident, or a personal injury claim that has gone unresolved for some time. It is also used to determine if the patient has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and whether or not there are any ongoing impairments since treatment.


Who Needs An IME?

An example of a person needing an IME would be someone who had filed a workman's comp case who felt like the treatment he/she received from the treating physician did not sufficiently resolve his/her ailments and had subsequently filed a suit contesting the workman's comp ruling or settlement. There are also IME's for MVA, disability, and personal injury cases.

How Do I Schedule an IME?

To schedule an IME with Dr. Piper, contact the office manager at We will need to ensure there is a contract in place for the IME if it is going through a third party company. Dr. Piper already has contracts with several IME companies.

Can Dr. Piper be my treating physician after he does my IME?

No. The IME does not establish the typical doctor/patient relationship and is not constrained by most of the laws that guide it. It is important that the doctor keeps an objective and unbiased view of the patient's clinical status in order to do an IME properly.