Dr. Terrence Piper, MD

Founder / Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

  • Founder of St. Peters Bone & Joint/Advanced Bone & Joint in 1980. Founder of Piper Spine Care in 2008.


  • Assistant Clinical Professor - Department of Orthopedic Surgery - Washington University School of Medicine


  • Spends a long time talking to each patient - we won't rush you in and out the door.


  • Treats neck, middle, and lower back issues.


  • Get our patients back to their normal lives - you'll be able to go out and resume normal activities sooner than you think.


  • Understands each patient is an individual - we listen to you and know how to get you better.


  • Reviews XRay/MRI/CT with EVERY patient and helps them understand their problem. Our most important goal during every visit is to make our patient understands their problem and what options are available to them.


  • Offers minimially-invasive spine surgery.


  • Uses stem cells during surgery to improve outcomes.


  • First doctor in St. Charles to do XLIF fusion - a spine surgery from the side that greatly reduces recovery time.


  • Member of prominent associations: AAOS, NASS, St. Louis Spine Society, etc.